Man sitting at the end of a pool

Why You Should Book Now to Avoid Missing Out You may have heard of the ‘pandemic pool craze.’ If not, you can probably guess what it is: homeowners choosing to get a pool for their home during the COVID-19 pandemic. The craze has left customers on long wait lists and pool builders and designers like […]

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Man in blue bathing suit diving into a swimming pool

Protecting Your Pool Liner Is More Important Than You’d Think – Here’s Why If you own a pool, you should pay a certain level of attention to your pool liner. It covers the floor and sides of your pool, and contains the pool’s water while providing a smooth appearance. It is necessary to replace your […]

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Go Green with These Pool Upgrades It’s never a bad time to go green. Every small effort towards helping the environment pays off – and the easiest way to go green is to start at home. That means thinking of the footprint that your household appliances and objects leave. What does this mean for pool […]

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