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A Nice Side Pool beside the home on a nice summer day

When people envision the custom pool of their dreams, they usually imagine putting it in the back yard. However, that’s not the only option. In some cases, installing a pool on the side of the house is ideal.

There are, after all, no rules saying a pool has to go in the back. Read on for everything you need to know about adding a pool to your side yard instead.

Why Choose A Side Yard Pool

Pools can take up a fair amount of real estate and back yard pools can dominate the entire space. Gone are lazy afternoons playing catch in the back yard, or putting in an extensive vegetable garden. Pools can be an amazing source of entertainment, but what if you want to do something else in that area?

When you opt for a side yard pool, you get the best of all worlds. You have a functional back yard that can support a variety of activities, and you can also enjoy the benefits of a swimming pool or hot tub.

Others may choose side yard pools for aesthetic reasons. Maybe they like the look of an ornamental pool beside the house, or want to see the pool from a specific window.

In some cases, maybe you happen to have more room beside the house than in the back, or there are other practical considerations that make the side yard ideal.

Side Yard Pool Considerations

Of course, side yard pools require a fair amount of space around the home. This space is not only for the pool itself, but also to accommodate construction equipment entering and leaving the property. There are also city bylaws to consider which require a certain amount of space between pools and properties. Side yard pools are not usually suited to very small lots.

It’s also important to consider privacy. Back yards tend to be more private than side yards. However, there are ways to shield a side pool from view with good landscaping design.

You’ll also need to think about the amount of shade the pool might get at certain times of day. Depending on your house’s orientation, and the placement of trees in the area, your pool could be shady and cold at times, which is not ideal. It’s usually best to have a pool facing south or west.

Side Yard Pool Options

There are different types of side yard pools that suit various purposes. They can be merely decorative, the perfect place for a gathering, and more.


Some people choose to put in purely decorative pools or waterfalls alongside their houses. These can be a dazzling addition to a home, adding a touch of elegance, or a soothing place to relax on a warm summer evening.

Plunge Pools

You won’t be able to swim laps, but plunge pools can offer an ideal way to cool off in the summer.

Perfect for smaller spaces, plunge pools can be used for hydrotherapy or even water aerobics. You can also have jets installed for a relaxing massage.

Hot Tubs

Hot tubs don’t take up much space, so could be a good addition to a side yard. They are also practical because you can use them year-round.

There is nothing quite like sitting in a warm hot tub in the middle of winter. And don’t forget the traditional roll in the snow at the end.

Swim Spas

Swim spas are typically larger than a hot tub, but smaller than a traditional pool. They are also designed for year-round use.

They can be used for exercise and relaxation. Swim spas are equipped with water jets that create a current people can swim against for a fantastic workout. The jets can also provide a calming hot-tub-like experience.

Sports Pools

Sports pools are often long and rectangular – ideal for a side yard space. They are typically shallow at either end and deeper in the middle.

These are ideal for dedicated swimmers who long to roll out of bed and hit the pool without having to drive to a local fitness facility. They can also be great for families. Having two shallow ends can make swimming easier for kids.

Traditional Pools

If you have a lot of space in your side yard, or live in a rural area, you may be able to install a larger, traditional pool for both recreation and sport.

These can be wonderful for families and anyone who loves to host a great party.

The Takeaway

Back yard pools are ideal for many people, but there isn’t any reason the space beside a house can’t be used for a custom pool too. Side yard pools can add a touch of glamour, a welcome place to relax year-round, a place to exercise, or host a party.

Although they are rarer, many people love their side yard pools which allow them to retain their back yards for other activities.

If you have been considering a side yard pool, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’d be happy to help you realize your vision.