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Four Reasons Why Using A Hot Tub In The Winter Is The Best

Winter is here. Because of that, you may feel like you are supposed to put away your hot tub and close it up for the season. Or, you may feel the winter blues coming on. But neither have to be the case! Who says you can’t have a winter hot tub? There are so many benefits!

If you’re curious to learn more about this, read on to discover winter hot tub benefits and why you should keep yours out (or get one if you don’t already have one!).

Four Reasons Why Using A Hot Tub In The Winter Is The Best

If you aren’t sure about hot tub health benefits, we are going to discuss them with you. Whether you want to enjoy a soak just for the fun of it, for stress relief or an immune system boost, you can get that with a hot tub!

1. Helps With Seasonal Colds

Using a hot tub in the winter can actually help fight off seasonal colds. You may be thinking how could soaking in a hot tub possibly do this?

A dip in a hot tub improves circulation and allows healing cells to flow throughout the body. They can then attack germs and get rid of them before they attack you!

If you are someone who gets a cold often, then you should really think about getting a hot tub for your backyard!

2. Relieves The Holiday Shopping Stress

Not only can hot tubs help boost your immune system, but they can also help with getting rid of any stress you have in your life. During winter time, that may be holiday shopping stress.

Taking just a 20-minute dip in the hot tub each day can significantly reduce stress in your life. Not only will it reduce stress, but the jets can also massage tired and tense muscles.

Think about it — it’s just like taking a bath after a long, hard day, but better! It helps with stress by bringing feel-good hormones back into your life.

3. The Temperature Contrast

Hot tubs during the winter are always amazing because of the temperature contrast. Unlike summer when the air and water temperatures are close, that is not the case during the winter.

Warming up in a hot tub or sauna then immediately cooling down can elevate white blood cell production. Good for the immune system!

And the feeling of being cold out of the water and warm in the water creates a sense of coziness and good vibes.

4. Looks Cool

Last but not least, having a hot tub in the winter simply looks cool. There is the appeal of the steam coming off the water rising into the cold air. If there is snow on the ground, it creates the look and feel of a winter wonderland right in your backyard!

Talk about Nordic vibes!

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Hot Tub Session

As great as soaking in a hot tub during winter can be, there are a few things to keep in mind. This will help you make the most of your time in the hot tub.

Avoid Very Hot Water

The first thing to keep in mind is to avoid very hot water. This can burn you, cause you to pass out, and can even be fatal. There is no benefit to making the water hotter than what feels good when you first get in — so keep it at that temperature!

The maximum temperature for public hot tubs is around 40 degrees Celsius (104° Fahrenheit), so it is best to keep yours at or below this temperature.

Stay Hydrated In The Hot Tub

While you are in the hot tub, be sure to drink plenty of water. You should also avoid alcohol.

Limit Your Tub Time

It is best to limit your time in the hot tub. If you exceed the amount of time you should spend in a hot tub, you may feel dizzy, dehydrated, fatigued, and disoriented. This can become dangerous.

For your health, try not to exceed 30 minutes in the tub.

Wash Yourself Later

Hot tubs have chemicals to keep them clean and running smoothly. Because of this, it is in your best interest to take a shower or a bath with clean, fresh water after you spend time in the tub.

Who Should Not Use a Hot Tub?

While most people can use a hot tub, there are some people who should avoid hot tubs at all costs.

If you are pregnant, you should never enter a hot tub. If you suffer from heart disease, this rule also applies. The hot water is more dangerous if you are pregnant or have heart disease.

Hot tubs are also not recommended for children under the age of 5. Be sure to supervise older children in and around the tub.

The Takeaway For A Winter Hot Tub

If you have been going back and forth about wanting a winter hot tub, then you may now be convinced about why you should get one!

There are so many benefits if you know how to use the hot tub correctly. And sometimes winter can be quite stressful, so why not treat yourself to something that can help de-stress you?

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