Inground pools can be customized to fit in even the smallest backyards, letting you enjoy a refreshing soak.

These Designs for Inground Pools Can Help You Make the Most of Any Space—No Matter the Size If you live in the city, chances are you may not have a very large backyard. With summer right around the corner, you might be dreaming about an inground pool installation. A small backyard space may be holding […]

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A contemporary pool with patio and landscaping, created by Edgewater Pools.

Outdoor design ideas for transforming your pool and backyard into an outdoor retreat Homeowners are now making the most of their backyard and pool area by turning them into a luxurious outdoor living space. These backyard designs make it possible to entertain guests and relax by the pool in a comfortable and stylish fashion. Pool […]

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Custom pool and spa in Ottawa

How A Custom Pool and Spa Can Improve Your Home, Health, And Backyard Enjoyment There are many advantages to installing a custom pool and spa in your backyard. They can be custom-designed to meet your backyard and personal needs. As well, custom pools and spas enhance the time you spend in your backyard and give […]

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