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Tips on Pool and Pool Area Renovation

Pools are fantastic and can be the perfect place to enjoy a nice summer day. However, like everything, an inground pool will need a little renovation every once in a while. If your pool is looking rough, losing water, or getting inefficient, it might be time to schedule a renovation.

Now, when to renovate a pool – that is the million dollar question. Luckily, there is an answer, as there are reasons that one season is the best season for renovation. Yup, it’s fall.

Why Fall Is the Best Time for an Inground Pool Renovation

Most people agree that the best time of year to remodel your pool is the fall. The season offers a range of benefits that are simply not present at other times throughout the year. Here are a few:


Most people think about renovating their pool in the spring. They ignore their pool over the winter and then, once the weather starts to get warmer, they start to notice it again. As they do so, they decide to renovate it before the summer comes.

Because of this, there is a lot of competition for pool renovation in the spring. Renovation companies end up tied up with all of the work they have to do. So, the companies that are actually available could be very limited.

You Get More Time to Soak

Fall renovations are great because they give you the most time to actually enjoy your pool. Outside of the fall, you start cutting into the time when your pool should be used.

For example, if you decide to renovate during spring, you have to start out pretty early or your renovation may start cutting into the summer. Even if you do start out early, you still might miss out on a few hot days that happened to hit earlier than expected.

The Price

We’ve already discussed the fact that there is a lot of competition for renovation in the spring. However, this presents more of a problem than simply limiting access to contractors. It also increases prices.

With renovation companies and the materials for remodeling pools at a premium, the law of supply and demand comes into play. With demand high and supply low, getting a designer is a serious task.

The Renovation Could Not Last Long

Renovations are often tricky. It is hard to know exactly how long things will take and it is impossible to predict everything. Plus, unexpected problems have a nasty habit of popping up along the way.

Because of this, the fall works best for renovations. Your pool is already closed up for the season so you aren’t worried about if they run too long or too short.

You’re Not Ruining Your Landscape

Everyone wants their yard to look as beautiful as possible during the summer. However, a pool remodel often deals with heavy machinery and work crews, both of which will damage your yard.

Imagine doing a renovation in the spring and having your yard torn up in the process. In this case, your yard will look bad for the entire summer.

However, if you renovate in the fall, your yard is at its worst over the winter. Then, once spring hits, you can fix it back up with the rest of your spring landscaping. And with a new pool.

Tips Before Calling the Contractors

Calling some contractors in your area will be the best way to see which company best matches your needs. Before you start calling, there are a few steps you should take.

Inspect the Area First

Before making any steps toward renovation, you should know the area you want to renovate. A lack of knowledge about the area will lead to mistakes being made later on.

At this point, you should thoroughly inspect the area. Know the size of the area and how much free space is within it. Consult with your designer – they’re experts for a reason!

Come Up With a Budget

When dealing with any sort of renovation, you should have a budget. This budget should indicate what you can afford to spend and what you are willing to spend.

Coming up with a budget will prevent you from spending beyond your means. Otherwise, you may end up with a project that you are unable to actually afford.

Put Your Ideas on Paper

It is important to write things down at every step in the renovation process. This means starting before you actually make plans and going until the end.

At first, simply write the thoughts you have about your renovation. Think about what you want to see, what you would like to add, and if there are any pool trends you want to follow. Then, once you start talking to contractors, you will be able to remember everything and have a reference to guide you.

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Later on, keep notes as the renovation takes place. Your contractors may tell you about specific ways you should conduct pool maintenance going forward or may tell you about the best way to care for your new pool additions. Having these written down will ensure you are able to follow this advice in the future.

Do You Want to Renovate the Pool Area Too?

While renovating your pool, consider renovating the area around it too. This includes practical and aesthetic considerations.

When talking about practical changes, there are additions that make your pool a better place to be around. Adding slip-resistant surfaces around the pool prevents accidents. Meanwhile, adding a place for pool chairs to be set up gives you new opportunities for relaxation.

If you are changing the aesthetics of your pool through renovations, you may also want to change the aesthetics of the area around the pool. For example, if you are giving your pool a beach theme through your renovations, you may want to add a sand pit with seashells to the area.

The Takeaway

Overall, now is the best time to renovate your inground pool. It will save you money, make the process easier, and give you more time to actually enjoy your pool. Just keep the tips and tricks listed above in mind and you’ll be ready to tackle your next pool renovation!

If you are interested in renovating your pool, make sure to contact the pool experts at Edgewater Pools to start the process.