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Go Green with These Pool Upgrades

It’s never a bad time to go green. Every small effort towards helping the environment pays off – and the easiest way to go green is to start at home. That means thinking of the footprint that your household appliances and objects leave.

What does this mean for pool owners? Fortunately, you can still love your inground pool while supporting the environment – guilt-free!

Read below to learn about the benefits of having an energy-efficient pool, plus how to improve efficiency and make your pool as environmentally-friendly as possible.

Can You Make Your Pool More Eco-Friendly?

Yes! There are plenty of ways to own a pool that prioritizes care for the environment. You can get plenty of eco-friendly upgrades, or use efficient equipment. Additionally, the way you maintain your pool can also contribute to your ecological footprint.

Did you know that there are tons of benefits to improving your pool’s efficiency? Read below to learn about why having an eco-friendly pool is a win-win for you and for the environment.

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The Benefits of Improving Efficiency

Reduce Costs

Many of the eco-friendly pool maintenance methods we’ll suggest below are beneficial, not just to the environment, but to your wallet. By saving energy, you’ll cut some of the unnecessary expenses that come with running a pool.

Reduce Energy Waste and Save Water

Without paying attention to how you maintain your pool, you might be wasting a lot of energy and water. There’s no benefit to this waste – not to the environment and not to you as a pool-owner.

Improving efficiency, however, can limit the amount of water and energy you use.

Tax Incentives

Did you know that some pool upgrades can get you tax deductions? It’s true! When choosing pool upgrades, ask about this option – you may also choose to learn about your region’s energy-efficiency laws to maximize the benefit you’ll receive.

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How to Make Your Pool More Eco-Friendly

Use Efficient Equipment

Fortunately, the pool industry is as interested in protecting the environment as you are. You can find energy-efficient pool products like pumps, heaters, and filters on the market. These products waste less energy and water, and are easy to run. If you’re thinking about going green with your pool, switch to one of these products – it’s an easy way to make a big difference.

Install Windbreaks

A windbreak is a barrier that rests at the edge of your pool – it can be a fence, a wall, or even a series of plants or trees. It gets its name from the fact that it blocks wind from your pool. This might increase your comfort while swimming, but it actually has another benefit: a windbreak can prevent water evaporation from your pool, in turn, saving the amount of water you use.

Choose a Darker Finish

The color of your pool can make a difference! Heat is attracted to darker objects, while lighter objects stay cool more easily. If you want a natural boost to the way you heat your pool, install a dark blue floor rather than, say, a white or beige one.

Reduce Your Heater Usage

Many pool owners don’t realize that the time of day you turn your heater on affects how well it heats your pool. In most cases, it’s smart to run your heater while the air temperature is particularly warm – consider using a digital weather application to determine what the hottest point of the day will be. By doing this, your heater will run in the most efficient way possible while still getting your pool to the point of perfect comfort.

Reduce Pump Speed

Pool pumps can use a lot more energy than necessary – that’s why choosing one carefully can make a big difference.

There are two common types of pool pumps: variable and single-speed. If you’re looking to give your pool an eco-friendly upgrade, choose a variable speed pool pump. These typically only use the amount of energy needed, rather than using excess energy – and they run at a slower pace, too. Today, most pools use a variable speed pump.

Prevent Leaks

There’s no benefit to wasting pool water, and leaks are one of the most common causes of this issue. There are plenty of reasons you might have a leak – broken pipes, torn walls, pressure from groundwater or poor maintenance, among other reasons.

If you have a tear, get it fixed as soon as possible to avoid wasting water!

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Fortunately, the pool industry has revolutionized the way we think about pools and the environment. There are plenty of ways to go green with your pool, from choosing waste-free products to running your equipment in strategic ways.

At Edgewater Pools, our team of pool experts is dedicated to helping you find the right pool for you. Contact us today to get started.