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In a world where your backyard pool is more than just a place to cool down after work on a hot summer day, you’re lounging in on a comfy seat, drink in hand, music playing, surrounded by stunning lights and features. A luxury brought to you by you – the latest innovations in pool features and accessories. It’s a world where your pool can be a space of liquid luxury, a personal retreat that offers comfort and leisure right in your backyard.

Luxury pool features and accessories are no longer limited to high-end resorts or exclusive clubs. They’re making their way into homes, transforming ordinary pools into extraordinary leisure spaces. The trend of adding luxury to pools is gaining popularity, offering homeowners a unique way to elevate their swimming experience. So, let’s dive in and explore how you can add some class and luxury to your pool.

The Appeal of Luxury Pool Features

So, what is it that makes luxury pool features so appealing?

The answer lies in the many benefits they offer, beyond the obvious aesthetic enhancement. Luxury pool features bring about convenience, personalization, and even increased property value, making them an attractive addition for homeowners.

Aesthetic appeal is probably the first thing that comes to mind when you think of luxury pool features. And you’re not wrong. Features like in-pool loungers, swim-up bars, or LED lighting can dramatically enhance your pool’s look. They help create a visually stunning oasis that’s sure to impress both you and your guests. But more than that, they create a space that you can truly enjoy and feel proud of.

But luxury pool features offer more than just a pretty view – they bring convenience.  Imagine having a bar within your pool’s reach or a seat submerged in the pool’s cool water. These features make your time in the pool more enjoyable and relaxing. No need to get out of the water for a drink or a rest. Everything you need is right there in your pool.

Plus, luxury pool features can add value to your property. A pool is a significant investment, and adding luxury features can increase its return.

Features like a swim-up bar or in-pool loungers make your pool more attractive, not just for you, but for potential buyers as well. If you ever decide to sell your home, a luxurious pool can be a strong selling point. So, adding luxury features to your pool is not just about immediate enjoyment; it’s also a forward-thinking investment.

In-Pool Loungers

In-pool loungers, also known as ledge loungers or tanning loungers, are quickly becoming a sought-after feature in home pools.

They offer the comfort and relaxation of a lounge chair, combined with the refreshing coolness of the water. Imagine reclining comfortably on a lounger, half-submerged in the water, soaking up the sun while staying cool. Sounds like a dream, eh?

In-pool loungers bring a resort-like feel to your backyard. They create a designated space in your pool where you can relax, sunbathe, or even read a book. It’s the perfect spot to chill out on a hot summer’s day without leaving the refreshing embrace of your pool.

There’s also a wide range of designs and material options to choose from when it comes to in-pool loungers. Whether you prefer a sleek, modern design or something more classic, there’s a lounger to fit your style. With materials that are durable and resistant to pool chemicals and weather conditions, you can be sure your loungers will last.

If that wasn’t enough, in-pool loungers also add a luxurious visual element to your pool. They offer an inviting look that transforms your pool into a restful retreat. Simply put, in-pool loungers are not just about functionality; they’re about creating an experience.

Swim-Up Bars

Next up on our list of luxury pool features are swim-up bars. If you’ve ever visited a resort with one of these, you know how much fun they can be. Well, good news – swim-up bars are not just for resorts anymore. They’re making a big splash in home pools as well.

A swim-up bar is precisely what it sounds like – a bar built into your pool that you can swim up to. You can enjoy a refreshing beverage without ever leaving the water. It’s perfect for those who love to entertain. Imagine hosting a pool party where your guests can enjoy a cool drink while still in the pool. It takes socializing to a whole new level. It also makes you the top-notch, hard-to-beat host.

But it’s not just about the fun factor. A swim-up bar also adds a lot of convenience. No more getting out of the pool every time you want a drink. Everything you need is right there within reach. And let’s not forget how cool it looks. A swim-up bar can truly elevate the aesthetic of your pool, making it an inviting place for both relaxation and entertainment.

In short, a swim-up bar is more than just an accessory; it’s a lifestyle upgrade. It combines relaxation, fun, and convenience in a unique way that enhances your overall pool experience. From pool parties to quiet afternoons, a swim-up bar can make every moment in your pool a memorable one.

Other Innovative Features

While in-pool loungers and swim-up bars are definitely game-changers in the realm of pool luxury, they’re just the tip of the iceberg. The world of pool features and accessories is continuously evolving, and there are many more innovative trends that can take your pool experience to the next level.

Take LED lighting, for example.

An illuminated pool at night is a sight to behold. With LED lights, you don’t just illuminate your pool; you transform it into a stunning light show. Depending on your mood or the occasion, you can change the colours and even patterns, making every nighttime swim a unique experience. LED lights not only enhance your pool’s overall aesthetic appeal but also add an element of safety by improving visibility during nighttime swims.

Another popular feature is waterfalls. They can add a serene, natural feel to your pool, creating a soothing soundscape that can help you relax. They also keep the water circulating, which can help keep the pool clean, and kids love playing under them.

Automated pool covers are another accessory worth considering. With the simple push of a button, you can cover or uncover your pool. Not only does this save time, but it also adds a level of safety by preventing accidental falls into the pool. Plus, it can help keep your pool clean by keeping out debris and can also save on heating costs by keeping the pool’s heat in.

Spring is the Perfect Time for Renovations

If you’re thinking of adding these luxurious features to your pool, there’s no better time than spring. Why spring, you ask? There are a few reasons. Spring is that sweet spot before the peak swimming season starts. It gives you ample time to plan and execute the renovations so that your pool is ready for all the summer fun.

Spring is usually when folks start opening their pools after winter. It’s a time when your pool probably needs some TLC anyway, so why not take the opportunity to make those luxurious upgrades? Also, the milder weather during spring is typically easier on construction work compared to the heat of summer.

Starting renovations in spring also means you’re ahead of the curve. When summer hits and everyone’s rushing to get their pool renovations done, you’ll be lounging in your upgraded, luxurious pool, drink in hand, enjoying the fruits of your foresightedness.

Incorporating Luxury in Your Pool with Edgewater Pools

Don’t wait till summer’s at your doorstep. Start planning your pool renovation in spring. It’s the perfect time to transform your pool into the liquid luxury you’ve always dreamed of.

But how do you turn that dream into a reality? That’s where Edgewater Pools comes in. We specialize in helping homeowners just like you transform their pools into a backyard oasis. We understand that every homeowner is unique, and so are their pool needs.

Edgewater Pools takes the time to understand your vision for your pool. Whether you want to incorporate an in-pool lounger for those lazy summer days, a swim-up bar for entertaining, or any of the other latest trends in pool features and accessories, we’ve got you covered.

But it’s not just about adding features. Edgewater Pools ensures that these additions seamlessly blend with your pool’s existing design and your home’s overall aesthetic. The result? A harmonious blend of luxury and style that elevates your pool experience.

Ready to dive into liquid luxury?