A young dog lies down on the tile next to an inground custom spa.

A Guide to Choosing the Best Luxury Accessories for Your Custom Pool and Spa No matter how you plan on enjoying your hot tub, there’s an accessory (or three) out there to help you make the most of it, no matter the season. Whether you’re in search of a relaxing escape from the day, a […]

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A young man floats in a saltwater pool, with just his eyes and forehead above the water line.

Ottawa Pool Builders Provide Tips for Switching to Saltwater Swimming Pools Depending on your skin type, chlorine can be a tricky option for your pool. Too much, and it irritates your skin and eyes. Too little, and your pool chemical balance is off. That doesn’t even begin to touch upon the unmistakable chemical smell, which […]

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A woman enjoying a relaxing soak in a custom spa, drink in hand.

Tips to Conserve Energy with Custom Pool and Spa Designs When designing a custom spa in your backyard, there’s a lot to consider. Making it as energy-efficient as possible is one major criterion that’s sometimes overlooked. By having an eco-friendly backyard pool and spa you’ll not only be helping the environment, but you’ll be saving […]

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