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Inground pool with a slide and plants along the side.

When we dream of the perfect backyard, many of us picture sprawling landscapes with Olympic-sized pools. But what if you’re dealing with a modest suburban yard? Does that mean your dreams of having a pool are just castles in the air? Absolutely not! You can still have a beautiful, functional, and enjoyable pool in a smaller yard—you just need to know how to maximize your space.

Here’s how you can turn your petite yard into a backyard oasis with the perfect pool design.

Principles of Designing Pools for Small Yards

Designing a pool for a smaller yard isn’t just about reducing the size of standard designs—it’s about creatively adapting the design to leverage every inch of your available space. With smart planning and a dash of ingenuity, a small pool can be just as enjoyable as a larger one, offering all the perks of a private aquatic retreat, just in a more intimate setting.

The key to achieving this lies in understanding two fundamental principles of design: scale and proportion, and the use of vertical space.

Scale and Proportion

Working with a compact space means each decision holds greater weight. The size and proportion of your pool can make or break the overall aesthetics and functionality of your backyard. Your pool should be large enough to serve its intended purpose—whether that’s swimming laps, playing pool games, or simply lounging in the water—yet it shouldn’t consume your entire yard. You want to maintain a balanced look and have space for other vital elements like a patio, garden area, or a BBQ spot.

Maintaining the right proportion isn’t just about the pool, it’s about ensuring all elements of your backyard work in harmony. Think about your landscape, outdoor furniture, the architecture of your home, and even the view from your windows. Every feature plays a role in creating a unified, visually pleasing outdoor space.

Using Vertical Space

Now, let’s talk about a golden trick in landscape design—using vertical space. When the horizontal space is a premium, look up! You’ll find an abundance of vertical space waiting to be utilized. This can be as simple as adding a tall, privacy-enhancing fence or trellis, or more complex like installing multi-level decks or terraces.

Adding height to your landscape can be achieved through raised planters, vertical gardens, or tall, slender trees that give an illusion of a larger yard.

Incorporating water features like a cascading waterfall or a spillover spa on an elevated platform can also add vertical interest. They draw the eye upwards, creating a sense of depth, and add a splash of luxury to your compact space. In the end, using vertical space is all about seeing your small yard in three dimensions and creatively using every bit of it.

Space-Saving Pool Features

For those dealing with limited outdoor space, fear not! Having a small yard doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the dream of owning a pool. In fact, with clever planning and the right features, you can create a stunning and functional pool area that transcends the limitations of its size.

From compact pool designs to functional additions, there’s an array of space-saving features you can incorporate to enhance both the functionality and aesthetic appeal of your pool.

Compact Pool Designs

If you’re tight on space, one of the best ways to accommodate a pool is to opt for compact designs that deliver big on benefits. Plunge pools, for instance, are becoming increasingly popular in urban backyards. These pools are typically small and deep, offering the perfect sanctuary for a refreshing dip or a quick aerobic workout, without eating up much of your outdoor real estate.

Cocktail pools, or spools (a combination of spa and pool), are another space-efficient choice. Typically shallower and smaller than a standard pool, they are ideal for lounging, wading, and socializing. Their compact size makes them easy to heat, meaning you can use them year-round – perfect for those chilly Ottawa winters!

For the traditionalists who can’t do without their morning laps, a narrow, rectangular lap pool might be the answer. These pools are designed to fit longer, narrow spaces, providing a proper swim lane without demanding much width.

Functional Features for Small Spaces

Just because you’re working with a smaller space doesn’t mean your pool can’t be packed with fantastic features. Consider adding a tanning ledge – a shallow, flat area in the pool where you can lounge in the water on hot summer days. It doesn’t need much space, and it adds a luxury resort feel to your pool.

Integrated spas or hot tubs within the pool’s design are another smart feature that adds functionality without requiring extra square footage. It’s like getting two for the space of one!

When it comes to your surrounding area, think multi-use. Design your decks and patios to be versatile, with areas for dining, lounging, and maybe even an outdoor kitchen. Built-in seating, retractable covers, and hidden storage solutions can add functionality and save space, ensuring your small backyard provides a big impact.

How Edgewater Pools Specializes in Small Space Pool Design

At Edgewater Pools, we believe that size shouldn’t limit your dreams. Our expert team specializes in designing and building pools that maximize small spaces while delivering on style and functionality.

Our process starts with understanding your unique yard and your vision. From there, we create a custom design that makes the most of your space, incorporating features that suit your lifestyle and aesthetics that match your home. We’re passionate about turning challenges into opportunities and transforming small yards into stunning outdoor spaces.

So, if you’re ready to make the most of your small yard, contact us at Edgewater Pools. Let’s create a little backyard magic together.