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Pool with fountain water features

Types Of Water Features to Consider Adding to Your Pool

Looking to create a luxury oasis in your backyard with your inground pool as the focal point? Water features can help you achieve this.

Water features add an incredibly luxurious and elegant touch to your pool area, transforming it into a resort-like spa. But with so many options, you may be wondering, “where do I even start?”

To help you understand everything that goes into making over your pool with stunning water features, we’ll go over all the different types of features to consider, along with the different factors to take into consideration before having them installed.

What Are Water Features?

Water features are additions to your inground pool that add visual interest and enhance your overall pool experience. They can be simply decorative, relaxing, functional, or even a combination of all three.

How You Can Benefit from Water Features

Besides being aesthetically pleasing, water features add a luxury feel to your backyard and give off a resort vibe. Plus, features like a water curtain or waterfall are incredibly soothing and relaxing, making your pool feel more like an outdoor spa.

And of course, like any luxury upgrades, adding water features to your pool will add immense value to your home should you choose to sell.

Types of Water Features to Consider

Deciding which water features to install can be difficult, as there are so many different types to consider, each with their own set of benefits.

With that being said, here are some of the most common water features to consider.

Spillover Spa

Think of a spillover spa as a hot tub that’s connected to your pool. This allows you to have the best of both worlds and move from one to the other with ease.

Not only does a spillover spa allow you to relax in hot water after a cool swim, but it also blends seamlessly into your pool’s existing layout.


As one of the most popular yet luxurious water features, waterfalls can be custom made to fit the size of your pool using genuine or synthetic rocks or stacked stones. The water flow can also be customized and can be a rough and uneven stream tumbling over a wall or a thin, delicate sheet.


Similar to a waterfall, a curtain is a narrow yet wide curtain or sheet of water often that overhangs on a rock wall that falls into the swimming pool.

Deck Jet

Deck jets are fountains installed on your patio or deck that shoot small streams of water into your pool. They typically will have interchangeable nozzles, so you can achieve a different size or pattern of stream depending on your mood. They can also be adjusted for height and distance.


Also known as gushers, bubblers are small jets installed in the shallow end of your pool that shoot out streams of water, creating a bubbling and rippling effect.


Spouts are small holes in the side of your pool that allow small, thin streams of water to spurt out. Spouts are a simple way to add some visual interest to your pool and create a more serene environment.


Besides waterfalls, swimming pool grottos are the ultimate water feature. Imagine swimming up to a picturesque rock grotto and sitting underneath a curtain of water cascading down in front of you. It really doesn’t get any better than that.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Water Features

Besides your own personal preference, there are some other factors to take into consideration when deciding on water features.


Certain features like waterfalls can make noise that can be bothersome to your neighbours. So, be sure to take this into consideration if you live in close proximity to neighbours.


Don’t forget about lighting! To make your water features stand out when the suns starts going down, you’ll want adequate lighting to ensure your investment doesn’t disappear into the night. Some options include feature lighting, underwater LED lights, floodlights, or pool garden lighting.


Pools, in general, require a bit of maintenance, but when you add water features into the mix, it creates a lot more work and upkeep that you’ll need to be prepared for. However, several low maintenance options are available.

 The Size of Your Pool

The size of your pool is incredibly important when it comes to choosing water features, as you don’t want to overwhelm your pool and your yard with too many bells and whistles.

If you plan on spending more time at home relaxing in your backyard, why not transform it into a space just as beautiful and relaxing as any resort or spa? With the addition of beautiful water features, you can build an oasis in your backyard that’s so luxurious, you’ll never want to leave. To explore your options regarding inground pool water features, contact a professional pool builder with experience in luxury designs.