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Backyard pools are a great opportunity to include stunning water features.

Take Your Pool Experience up a Notch with these Popular Features

Pool season is right around the corner. And if you’re as excited as other pool owners, you’re probably already dreaming of your days and nights by the pool.

With today’s technology, pool features have gone from great to amazing, offering more comfort, convenience, and energy savings.

So if you’re looking for handy new features to include in your backyard pool, here are some popular ones to start with:

Fire Features

For most pool owners, their backyard pools are more than just for swimming. Backyard pools are a beautiful escape from the daily grind and spot to relax by into the summer nights. So to make these evenings by the pool even more enjoyable this summer, consider adding fire features.

These fire features add warmth, ambiance, and illumination while looking beautiful next to water:

  • Fire bowls
  • Fire pits
  • Fireplaces.

Custom Materials

With the abundance of high-quality pool finishes available now, pool owners can extend their high-end home designs outside to their pools.

Glass Tile

This durable, reflective material adds elegance to pool designs. And since there are so many colours and shapes to choose from, glass tiles can suit any backyard theme. They also come in a wide range of prices to accommodate different budgets for remodelling.

Stone Finishes

For other pool finishes that are durable, slip-resistant, and low-maintenance, consider:

  • Granite
  • Pebbled finishes, or
  • Travertine.

Automatic Pool Technology

Automated pool features save you time and energy—both your own energy and your home’s energy consumption. You can sync these features with your smartphone or home automation device, such as Google Home, or Amazon’s Echo or Alexa.

Turn on your pool heater on your way home from work. And switch on mood lighting and your favourite tunes with the tap of a screen or a voice command.


Set up an outdoor sound system so your music isn’t limited to the indoors this summer.

Water Features

Fountains and waterfalls add calm and beauty to backyard pools. If automated, you can turn them on easily without having to get up from your seat.


Have an automated pool heater control on your phone to adjust the temperature when you need to and conserve energy during the day.


Automated pool pumps allow you to control when your pumps operate, helping to save energy during peak hours.


Automatic pool cleaners save pool owners hours of work each summer. Instead of cleaning the pool when you get home, you can just dive in.

Pool Covers

For added safety and protection, automatic pool covers easily cover the pool when it’s not in use. These covers keep debris out of your pool, and also prevent small animals and children from falling in.


LED lighting is the lighting of choice for backyard pools since they are energy efficient and long-lasting. These lights also change colours to suit your preferences. You can even have striking light displays in your pool, water features, and backyard.

Consider adding some of these handy new features to make your backyard pool experience even more enjoyable this summer.