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Unable to install everything you want for inground pool the first time around? Don't worry! Plan ahead to make sure you've got space and design considerations in place for future additions.

Plan Your Pool For Now And the Future With These Helpful Tips

Custom pools and landscapes can transform a backyard into an ideal outdoor living and play area. When planning your inground pool design, make sure to include everything in your vision for your pool and backyard space. Keep in mind, what you can’t add now can always be added in the future. Check out the following pool features and consider how they’ll fit into your custom inground pool design:

Styles that Complement Your Home

For inspiration for your pool’s shape and style, consider the architectural style of your home and backyard landscape. Backyards are extensions of the home, so your pool and yard design should complement the home. That said, if you want a completely different look in your yard—i.e. a tropical escape—a transition area between the home and the pool helps prevent clashing styles. Transition areas might include steps, walkways, plants, and other gentle style changes.

Pool Materials

Pool materials come in a variety of colours and textures, making designing a pool’s surface and surroundings easy. Your desired backyard style and theme should influence the materials you choose. Plaster is the traditional pool surface material, while tile and aggregates offer more creative design options—i.e. tile mosaics and glass tiles.

The pool surface should complement your landscape and/or home. For a natural landscape, consider adding a rock waterfall and natural stone pavers around your pool. To complement urban landscapes and contemporary home architecture styles, consider using glass tiles and a jet water feature.

Pool Maintenance

Pool maintenance is unavoidable; however, you can have a smooth-running pool that is energy efficient, quiet, and easy to maintain. To optimize your pool maintenance equipment, consider installing:

  • A variable-speed pump;
  • Large pipes;
  • Suitable skimmers; and,
  • Automatic sanitizers—i.e. saltwater chlorinators.

Additional Pool Features

Pool features offer additional enjoyment and can to the pool area’s atmosphere. Water features and pool lighting add to the backyard design and add décor even when the pool isn’t in use. For relaxation in the pool, try underwater benches or tanning ledges. You can also choose a shallow beach-style walk-in pool entrance for ease of access.

For recreation in the pool, swim up bars and nets for basketball or volleyball are fun additions. Also, hand rails and variable-speed water current systems provide aquatic exercise options. And if you have children and small pets, a swimming pool safety cover will make your pool safer when not in use.

Backyard Living

Although your budget might not let you include everything you want all at once, keep in mind how you see your backyard space once the project is finished. Accounting for future additions when designing your inground pool and backyard landscape will make it easier to include these down the road. Keep these popular backyard amenities in mind for future design:

  • A pool house;
  • An outdoor shower;
  • An outdoor kitchen;
  • A gazebo;
  • A dining area;
  • An outdoor living room;
  • A bar or swim-up bar;
  • A deck or patio;
  • A fire place or fire pit;
  • A storage shed; and,
  • A play area.

Make a list of everything you want for your pool and landscape and go over it with expert pool builders. The pool builders will account for your preferences in the pool design—even if some features are not part of the initial installation—making future installations easier. Pool builders who specialize in custom pools and landscaping can give you the ideal pool and backyard space that you’ve always wanted.